Who we are

Haktek OÜ is a restaurant, bar and commercial kitchen equipment maintenance company since 1997.


We've designed our services so that we can ensure maintenance, repair and spare parts for all equipment regardless of brand, the manufacturer or seller. 

We repair a wide range of kitchen equipment - from the smallest handheld devices to large dishwashers, including gas appliances, ice machines, refrigerators and freezers.

Our wish is to provide you with the best service – all kitchen equipment maintenance from one place.

Working with us you don't need to worry about getting your appliances repaired, maintained or provided with new spare parts - just call our customer service number 6462568 or send an e-mail service@haktek.ee and we will guarantee you professional help and fast service.


We thank all our good customers, thanks to whom we have achieved exclusive distributor rights in Europe's largest spare parts centers, encompassing all device manufacturers.

As a token of our appreciation we can now offer you most kitchen appliances spare parts for very good prices.


In 2008 we were named a   , which is Europe's leading spare parts center, accompanying us with sole representing rights in Estonia, fast delivery times and specialist support in finding spare parts or technical information for any equipment when necessary.

In addition, we have a good and long term business partnership with Lithuania's company , where different trainings for mechanics take place and where most kitchen equipment manufacturers parts are also represented.

Haktek OÜ is an authorized service partner of Electrolux Professional in Estonia.
We provide maintenance and repair services and procure spare parts for all equipment within the Electrolux Professional group, such as Zanussi, Electrolux, Dito Sama and Molteni. In close cooperation with strong partners like that we are able to provide you with our services and spare parts for the best prices and the fastest time.


We have 10 professional technicians serving our customers in Tallinn. We also have service stations in Tartu, Pärnu and Rakvere and many good partners in other cities in Estonia. Today we are confident enough to promise you  that our experience, customer service skills, speed and quality meet the demanding environment of commercial kitchens and restaurants.

Our biggest goal is to do our job as well as possible in order for you to always want to get back to us about your problems and wishes.


About our growth

* In spring 2011 we opened our new workshop in Tartu, where our customers can also bring their appliances to be repaired on site or buy necessary spare parts. We also perform refrigeration equipment repairs.

* We are happy to announce that 2 fully equipped equipages are in your service in Tartu and South Estonia.

* In fall 2010 we opened a new workshop in Pärnu, where our customers can also bring their appliances to be repaired on site or buy necessary spare parts. We also perform refrigeration equipment repairs.

* In spring 2008 we opened a new central workshop in Tallinn, where we have best conditions for kitchen equipment diagnostics, maintenance and repair.

* In 2008 we were given a membership status of GEV Group, which means that we are the emanation of one of Europe's biggest kitchen appliences spare parts centers in Estonia. Thanks to this we can offer favorable prices and fast delivery times for spare parts for almost all commercial kitchen appliances. We have a selection of over 300 000 spare parts for more than two hundred different manufacturers.

* In spring 2008 we started to provide maintenance services in Pärnu.

* In spring 2007 we started to provide maintenance services in Tartu and Rakvere.

* Starting from 2005 we are an autorized service partner of Electrolux Professional Group (Zanussi, Electrolux, Dito Sama) in Estonia, ie we possess the technical information , warranty repair rights and we get the spare parts directly from the factory.

* Since 2003 we work closely with Lithuanian company IDS and represent them in Estonia.



* During the summer Haktek will also help you with your car conditioner.

* We also offer transportation services. Van cargo area: length 3,2m, width 1,7m (1,3m between wheel arches) and height 1,9m. * Consultations about buying new equipment.

Feel free to contact us!